Real Estate Investing Training


This presentation explores the myths about investing in real estate, and what the truth is behind them. It shows how to make money from real estate even if prices stay the same in the future, or even decline. Finally, it shows how leverage, carefully applied, can multiply your real estate investment returns.



Real estate has been a vehicle for the creation of wealth for individuals for many years. If you bought a house to live in ten, twenty or more years ago, you are probably very familiar with how house prices have increased over time. The average house in the United States was around $100,000 just a few decades ago. Today, the average house sells for almost double that amount.  This is called the appreciation of real estate—how much it goes up in value over time.


This is the feature of real estate that you are probably most aware of. But In the "Life Is Rich: Making Money in Real Estate" Training we aren’t going to count on appreciation when we are talking about the opportunities that exist in real estate. If you have invested in a home in the past, you know that while house prices have generally increased over time in most areas, this was not always a case of steady increases in value. Throughout most of North America, real estate had a big price run-up in the late 1980s, crashed in the early 1990s, followed by exciting times in 2001 – 2006, and followed by what historians are calling a depression that we are still trying to recover from today. Since then, most house prices have increased, but not all of them, in every city around the world. It is very possible that, as you are participating in this presentation now, if you bought a home five or ten years ago, your home may be worth exactly the same today as what it was worth then. It may even be worth less than it was then.


So the point here is that the one thing that seemingly “everybody knows”, which is that real estate always goes up in value, may not be true in the future. If you buy an investment piece of real estate and it appreciates by the time you want to sell it, that is wonderful. But the Making Money in Real Estate course does not assume that real estate has to go up and up in value, year after year.



Real Estate’s Advantages


Income Generation—A rental piece of real estate will provide you with a stream of income


Equity Build-up. Just like the home you live in, your monthly mortgage payments repay interest on your loan and also pay down a little bit of the outstanding principle every month.


Tax Advantages. These include the ability to depreciate, or write-off, the building over time, as well as the ability to make tax-free exchanges.


Leverage. It means that you can control a piece of real estate, and benefit from its income stream, tax advantages, equity build-up, and all the rest of the features, even if you don’t pay for the piece of real estate all at once.


Local Markets. Real estate opportunities are all around you.


Buying Below Market Value—People are buying and selling homes all the time. This gives you the opportunity to purchase an investment piece of real estate below market values from people who are motivated to sell their property.



In my personal real estate mentoring program, we will:


1. Clarify your goals and set up a step by step plan to achieve them.


2. Give you knowledge – you will learn everything you need to do the deals.


3. Teach you to evaluate deals – You will get the tools and guidance to get the high-profit and low-risk deals, that will bring you the most rapid wealth creation.


4. Show you how to fund your investments – You will also have the methods and expert advice to get those deals funded.


5. Develop your marketing strategy – And you get the marketing insights, land cash-paying tenants and qualified buyers to start filling up your bank account.


Here’s what I am looking for:


1. You must be willing to work for what you want – I will give you guidance, advice, and knowledge, and the how-to. You must go out and do it—no whining, no excuses.


2. You must be committed and act with integrity in everything you do.


3. You must be willing to take advice and guidance – If you have to do it “your way”, why invest in a coach?




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