Client Testimonials


1. Randy Wright says: The Daily Habit show has enhanced and enlightened me to apply what I hear daily to every area of my life. I really enjoy the interaction among the group. Nate does a wonderful job facilitating the Daily devotion and then sharing success principles and strategies from the Books we read each month. I have exprienced radical change in my personal and professional life by just being connected. It’s AWESOME!!!

2.Tammy Cuevas says: The Daily Habit call is my morning compass. It has lead me to re-exam my life experiences’. As I now reflect on my past up to my present life. Within these past few weeks participating in the Daily Habit call I see myself acutely aware of my surroundings, and deliberally thinking, processing, and internalizing this information. This call has provided me a way to re-educate my mindset and to be in control of Me. I now see, that I want more out of life and that means growing pains. My goals include both spiritually, physically, and a financially transformation. Nate Scott has provided an open forum call for active participation which nurtures communication and fosters knowlege. “See everyone on the other side.”

3.Jeanette Rivera says: The Daily Habit Call has opened up a transformation in my life. I see myself as a tree and the roots that hold me up are changing and growing. The program has provided me with information to gain knowledge in all areas of my life emotionally,spiritually,physically,intelectually,and fanancially.As I go throughout the day I feel myself changing in the way I think as a result of what I learned that day on The Daily Habit Call. Nate Scott has opened up a door to a better life so pick up the phone and walk through that door! I am changing my roots to give out better fruits in all aspects of my life.The transformation will benefit me and all those that I touch.(Quote) You can”t change the fruit until you change the root.)

4.Marico Walker says: The Daily Habit Call has helped me to break from the bondage of fear, especially the fear of criticism. Before getting on the call in January 2012, I always thought about what others thought about me and what business I was being to the Marketplace. Now, I can move forward and think indepedent of the good opinions of other people. I can advance confidently in the direction of my own dreams. I believe the world makes way for the man who knows where they’re going. Thx Nate.

5.Danny Mendel says: WOW! The Daily Habit Call is helping me change Myself from the inside out. The way i see things and think about things now are completely diffrent than who I was before. This Daily call has helped my Business grow like it has never grown before, and that is because of the Leadership and direction given on the Daily Habit Call. Nate takes it to a higher level and His commitment to do this is Awesome. Thankyou Nate.

6.Cliff Jacobs says: Cliff. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mr Scott for initiating the Daily Habit Call. It has brought a deep sense of awareness for me in many areas of my life. Firstly,I have experience a break through concerning my thought patterns and has been able to be conscious of what exactly is going on in my mind at any given moment. I have not mastered such activity as yet but I am getting there. Secondly,is coming into awareness of who I am and to be purposeful in my activities. I am now setting goals with definite purpose, by knowing the reason behind what i am doing. Since I have been on this call so far I have seen sizable growth in my organization, sponsoring of four new people, which I attribute to the personal development I have been receiving each morning. Another key point for me is knowing how to think as oppose to what to think which has transformed me into recognizing the emergence of negativity in my discourse with any able to cancel it immediately. The wealth of knowledge that I am gaining is priceless, especially in the field of leadership. I am now putting myself out there by being proactive as an example to my team.I know that i will be able to give to others similar to how you have poured into us. Many, many thanks to you Mr Scott.

7.Jamie Goff says: The daily Habit call has definatly been a life line to expand my thinking and hold me accountable to the fact that my success or lack of it is all in my hands. thanks Nate for putting this together.

8.hms400 says: Today on the Daily Habit Call (Radio DHC) I received a breakthrough while contemplating on my art of giving. I realized that I always gave with conditions. I especially gave to obligate the person with the idea I would get back someday in an earthly way. Then I considered how Jesus Christ gave everything for everyone. His vision included daily communion with His father. Jesus Christ showed us the best example of giving. Oh, how I would love to learn that level of commitment. This is why God gave me my current wife.. The inspiring story of how Ken inspired his son Bradley to climb the mountain by creating a vision of reaching the campground and roasting smores by the campfire was read I bawled my eyes out. I reflected on how I wished for that relationship with my earthly Dad Harold. I reflected on creating a vision for my life, my family, my step children, my social and church life and my revenue creation and distribution business life, I bawled some more and went straight to reading on vision boards.. Today I will create vision posters for the walls of my house. Pray that I follow through.

9.Quincy Harp says: Leaders lead by example & show it though personal growth. I will have my whole team on the calls daily!!

10.Mariah says: Two years ago I lost over 70lbs. Unfortunately last year I gain about ½ of those lbs. back. It is hurtful, shameful and downright depressing. So over the last few months I have been partially going back to it, but I was sabotaging myself time and time again and my whole heart was not into it. When I started to listen to the daily habit call it has unable me to consciously look at myself daily and force me to no longer make excuses. Don’t go on my feelings on how I feel today. Get up; get dress and work –out. I heard from other callers on the line that some it takes a setback to have a bounce back. In addition, now I go to the gym daily while listening to the Daily Habit Call. It’s like my own person accountability group. For me “Dramatic Health Is a Virtue” I look forward to share with the group my strides and accomplishments. I recommend The Daily Habit Call for anyone that is looking for a positive group that is not only about the ra ra and the feel good but about looking for real solution and practical resolutions to apply to your life for a real change.

11.Julie Fobear says: For me the Daily Habit Call has been a Blessing, a Breakthrough, a Bridge from nowhere land to success land, a Butt-kicking of negative thoughts, a Beauty of a way to start the day, a Brand new way of thinking, a Boost of self-esteem and a Big exit off the “Struggle” Bus. Bazinga! Booyah! Be Blessed! as Nate says. BE the change, BE the value, BE yourself. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Mr. Scott

12.Tonya Cajuste says: Today’s DHC was so powerful. We talked about associations and how important it is to have fire starters in your life as opposed to fire fighters. So much of my life was spent around fire fighters. Though I hate to admit it, I too served as a fire fighter over my life and the lives of others. I am now around a bunch of fire starters and I am on fire too!! We are igniting one another and other people! Each day, Nate Scott feeds the fires of so many! He is like the Chief of Fire Starters!! Don’t expect to be coddled, though. Nate brings the real deal – the raw truth. As he says “…application, not just the rah rah…” He has helped me to think in different ways. Some time ago we talked about seeking first to understand then to be understood. I apply that concept EVREYDAY! I am growing and I am learning to perform daily self-analysis to see what I need to do to be successful. What steps I need to take to give birth to my dream. Thank you Nate for all that you do! And thanks to the participants on the call who open themselves up and share their heart so that other may learn from them.

13.Vicki Bradley says: The Daily Habit Call has made me opened my eyes and my mind.. Everyday, I face myself when I look in the mirror, as it shows me who I am and the habits I have. I was so stuck in my everyday life, it was literally making me physically sick. Being on the calls in the morning gives my day the jump start I need. Everyday, I see a little something different in me. I feel like a butterfly, going through all it’s phrases before it breaks through. The calls have shown me how I view my money, how I view myself, and to forgive myself. The past thirty three (33) years I have travelled the same road, to the same job, always thinking “I got to get up to go to work, never to realize “I get to get up and go to work”, What a difference a day makes when I shift my way of thinking! I’ve been running from myself all my life, and finally I am slowing down to look at the woman in the mirror and get to know her. Each call I walk away with a nugget of wisdom and I am grateful. I feel blessed to be a part of The Daily Habit Call Family! THANK YOU NATE………………………………………

14.Robert Parker says: Nate you are truely touching lives one person at a time. Who would have known that the man I met four years ago, in a parking lot at the day care, would become a major participant in growing me in a new direction. I feel blessed that you have appeared in my life. I have only been on the Daily Habit call since March 19th and it has been one of the greatest things to happen in my life. God has a plan and it is amazing. I can only imagine how things might be, if I were to have joined in at the beginning of the year and to have read those books with you and joined the number of other people who are living to acheive greatness in their lives. While reading the book L.I.F.E. Living in Freedom Everyday, a bright light came on while reading the chapter on “Vision”. That day will forever change the way I view things. For along time now I have been in search for a group of like minded people to help grow me to the next level and help open my eyes to a greater potencial. I want to thank all of those who participate on the Daily Habit call, along with you Nate. As it is written: As iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another. Continuing in this direction we will be able to split hair! Nate, you are truely remarkable. I can only imagine what the future might hold for me because of your influence in my life. Nate I love what you are doing. I want to encourage everyone on the daily Habit call to join me in spreading the word for which Nate is doing, to touch lives and build encouragement in the lives of those we may never meet. What a way to build a legacey that will continue infinately. N8 D Gr8.

15.JC Cajuste says: On the DHC we have started focusing on what to do to be successful in the arena of network marketing. As we were discussing making lists and reaching out to people you have not spoken with in a while, I chimed in and tried to call my fear something other than fear. Nate put my feet to the fire and asked, “What would you call it then?” I had to admit that I was fearful of making the calls. This is what I love about the DHC! Nate is delivering a message – not a massage. He makes me think and forces me to look in the mirror and see things for what they are; no rah-rah – only personal application.

16.Tonya Cajuste says: Powerful aha-moment for me today on the DHC! I am new to the MLM space and am super-excited about the product I promote. Several months ago, when I first started my business, I contacted EVERYONE and “vomited” my product all over them. I even contacted people I had not connected with for years and started talking to them about my business. I can only imagine what they must have been thinking! Today’s DHC built on previous calls discussing the topic of relationship building and the importance of helping people to identify their desire and then helping to fulfill the desire. I now have two separate lists with distinct contact plans for each. The first list is folks with whom I have a relationship though we have been out of contact for some time. The second is a list of people who I knew some time ago, but so much time has passed that I need to spend time getting reacquainted. Nate, this distinction and the script from today’s reading is so profound. Imagine, calling someone and being completely honest about the reason for the call. What a way to build credibility and good will. Thanks for all you do! If you would like to schedule a consultation, then "Take the Test".


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