Business Builder: The Money Is In The Follow Up

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” -Maya Angelou


The more inforrmation you have, the better (and easier) it is to establish rapport, follow up and have something to say, build the relationship, and gain enough comfort to make the sale.  If given a choice, people will connect with (and buy from) those they like and can relate to.  If you have their information, and use it to be memorable, you have a decided advantage. Or you can decide "It's too much work, I can make the sale without it." This philosophy gives the advantage to someone else — your competitor.

I think you’ll enhance your ability to get referrals and quality introductions if you build thank-you notes into your business. Our world today has gotten so impersonal, so those little handwritten notes are worth their weight in gold. Here are just a few examples of ways you can use personalized greeting cards to build relationships with your clients, prospects and referral partners: 

  • Thank you for talking with me on the telephone.
  • Thank you for meeting with me.
  • Thank you for your business.
  • Thank you for your kind referral.
  • Thank you for taking your time to consider letting me serve you (after first refusal).
  • Thank you for taking your time to analyze my services (after they buy from someone else).
  • Thank you for the excellent service you have provided for me.
  • Thank you for using our service/product (sent at one year anniversary).

90% of business owners are missing the BIGGEST opportunities available to them. The easiest and least expensive customers are referrals and repeat business. It’s the friends, family and associates of their current customers that enable you to have business come back to you PRESOLD!

These are the easiest and least expensive customers to attract, but most people just don’t stop to think about this. So they spend most of their time and resources cold-calling trying to attract new customers.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” -Helen Keller

Do you have employees or do you manage others? One of the most effective ways to encourage excellence and hold on to your best employees is to share appreciation when someone does a good job. (Studies show that not feeling appreciated is one of the top reasons given by valued employees who quit their jobs.)

Are you a business owner or an independent sales or service professional? You already know that people do business with people they know, like and trust, (you hear this all the time) and remember. When someone is ready to make a decision to buy or give a referral, it does not matter how much you are liked and respected if they don’t remember you.

What if you sent one card every other month to your top 60 customers (a birthday card, thank you cards, a thinking of you card, holiday cards, etc)? How many more customers might that generate for you per year? Do the math!  If you are a realtor, small business owner, loan officer, consultant, and sales professional, then you can use this simple system to double or even triple your business in one year simply by making your customers feel special and cared for.  Send out one unexpected card a day and watch your business transform in a year!

"It’s very easy to stay in regular touch with even large numbers of people. With the click of a mouse, you can import your contacts from other databases, set up contact groups, and establish customized campaigns…or you can just send one card at a time."

This system is the perfect mechanism for businesses to:

  1. Build relationships, customer loyalty and retention.
  2. Create top-of-mind awareness. Keep your name on their mind!
  3. Differentiate your business from your competitors.
  4. Make customers or employees feel appreciated and acknowledged.
  5. Increase warm market referrals.

We offer a simple and professional way for businesses to follow up with their customers, vendors and associates. A customer who feels appreciated will continue to do business with you. They will also refer others to you.

So, how does all this work? Here’s what you get with this system:

  1. Online Contact Manager where you can store names, addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, anniversaries and other key information about everyone you know. If you are already using a contact management program such as ACT!, Outlook, or an Excel spreadsheet, you can import your contacts into the contact manager so you won’t need to re-type the information.
  2. Online Calendar and Reminder System that will never let you forget birthdays or anniversaries. (You can import this information from another database, too!)
  3. Online Greeting Card Catalog with 15,000+ greeting cards to choose from. You select and write your message; we will print, stuff, stamp and send in the mail for you.
  4. The ability to transfer your Group Lists to other members: Send your family list, complete with names, birth-dates, etc, to other participating family members. Send your list of professional contacts to others you work with.
  5. Custom Cards for business or personal use: You can design a card with your company logo and artwork. You can also design a family holiday card or personal cards.

​You can customize your business greeting cards with your own logo, photos, or designs. With this, a business can choose between their own custom cards, or have the flexibility of using any of the 15,000+ cards already available in the our card catalog.

You can now even include a gift card or gift check with your greeting cards — a great way to express special appreciation for a referral, a good deed, or a job well done. In addition, you can now send an actualthank you comment 21 300x201 SOC A Great Business Tool gift. The card is placed in a see-through envelope which is inserted into the box that contains the gift. So the gift is delivered with your handwritten card inside it!

You can create campaigns that will automatically send out thank you cards, birthday cards, holiday cards, promotional postcards, and much more. The campaign system does a “mail merge” of the recipient’s name to personalize the card. We’ll show you how to set up a campaign for your business in just minutes. You can even personalize each individual card anytime before its scheduled date to go out.

How does this work? Here’s an example… Let’s say you sell insurance. You decide that when someone buys a policy from you, you will send a pre-created 4-piece campaign of cards to your new customer. You will send a Thank You Card, a Birthday Card, a Holiday card, and an Anniversary of Policy postcard.

Once you’ve set it up, the system will automatically mail it for you on the designated date. You would probably set up the Thank You card to be mailed immediately, the Birthday card to be mailed 7 days prior to the customer’s birthday (a date you’ve entered into the customer record), the Holiday Card to be mailed December 1, and the Anniversary postcard to be mailed on the customer’s Anniversary of Policy date (another date you’ve entered into the customer record). Once you click SEND for this 4-piece campaign, the system handles the rest.

Here are some great ideas for how to use customized greeting cards:

FOR THE REALTOR:  Carry a digital Camera. Take a picture of your client in front of their newhome and ask for the names and addresses of 3 of their best friends. Tell them you will send their friends a photo of them in front of their new home. Send an introduction greeting card with the picture in it. “Hi my name is _____, and I just sold your friends this new home.” It will be displayed on their counter top or in a photo album. People don’t throw away photos with their friends in them. INGENIOUS!

Open House idea: Create a card that includes the picture and an invitation to the Open House, and send that to your prospects and other agents. You’ll save time (we will send them for you) and money AND you’ll be sending something that is different from the typical flyer everyone else sends out.

Another idea: Take a list of your old customers and send a “Thinking of you” card letting them know that you’d like to get caught up sometime soon! Some will call you and you are almost guaranteed to get more business. A realtor recently made $22,000 after sending out 150 cards to a group of potential buyers. The home sold in 5 days (normally takes 5 months) and she did NO advertising.

And another idea: After you sell a home, set up a gift account for the seller and gift them 50 points and 50 stamps. Create a custom postcard with your real estate agency info on the front of the postcard (contact info, picture of you, a picture of a house in the background with a message that says,

“Someone special is moving.” Send your custom card to their gift account (forward as a campaign card). Walk the client through how to send the custom New Address postcards to people. When the postcard arrives, it will be a great advertisement for you as a real estate agent, and the customer will most likely want to get their own permanent account, which you can set up for them.

FOR THE POLITICIAN:  Create a Custom Card campaign to thank campaign donors and volunteers for their support. The card is personalized with a hand-written note from the politician (using his or her customized font that is on file). The TOTAL cost for producing and mailing this greeting card is 0.93 cents. All of the stuffing, licking and stamping is done for you, making it much easier and less expensive than going to the expense of printing thank you letters and taking volunteer or staff time to prepare the mailings.

FOR THE ARTIST:  Custom cards can be created of the artist’s work. The cards can be sold by the artist and can also serve as a great way to promote their work and their website. For more information, contact our customer service department or visit the Site Index.

FOR THE CAR SALESPERSON:  Take a photo of the potential customer in front of the $80,000 car that they didn’t buy (but were seriously looking at). Send them a card with a photo of them in it, along with a note saying that you have their car waiting, or if they come in by a certain time, you will give them a special add-on or discount, etc. They will be reminded of their dream car every time they look at the card.

FOR THE SERIOUS NETWORK MARKETER:  Take pictures of you and your new distributors and send them a “Welcome to the Team Card” with a picture of both of you in it. Great for recognizing and acknowledging promotions! If one of the people in your Network provides you with great service, take a picture of them and send it to the others in your Network, giving that person a strong testimonial. This helps to promote their business and yours. It will come back to you… tenfold!

FOR THE EMPLOYER:  If you really want great productivity from your employees, consider sending them a card acknowledging outstanding performance in the workplace. You can send it to their spouse or to their home right from your desk at work, as you are observing it. You will be the most popular boss in the company.

FOR THE PERSON WHO APPRECIATES SERVICE PROFESSIONALS:  Take a digital camera wherever you go. When you get good service (bank teller, auto mechanic, grocery clerk, IT support person at work, etc.), take an “action shot” of them at work. Then send a thank you card with a note of appreciation for the great service they have provided for you, including an uploaded photo of them doing what they do so well.

Are you ready to put your personal contact information on autopilot? Join my Black Book and give me a call at 904.838.2623, so I can get you scheduled immediately for a consultation with Jules Price. You’ll be up and running in minutes, enjoying the benefits of one of the most powerful and convenient communication tools I’ve ever seen.

Don’t delay! Get started today and make an extraordinary difference in your business and personal relationships.


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