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Say “Thank You” This Happy Labor Day Weekend!


Happy Labor Day Weekend & Thank You! On Wednesday, I spoke at The Marketplace Luncheon to business owners and sales professionals, and one of the things I shared with them was about the importance of saying "Thank You" as a strategy to increase the lifetime value of your customers.

With the long weekend, you may find value in the blog post that I wrote before this event and have time to implement this effective and inexpensive, long-term business strategy. You can read the original post by CLICKING HERE.  


UNSOLICITED WORD OF MOUTH EXPOSURE: This picture was surprisingly posted on Facebook by someone that received my "Thank You" package after they ordered my book, "Life Is Rich: How To Create Lasting Wealth". It's a picture of a customized card that I created and brownies. 

MARKETING FUNNEL: What's the lifetime value of a customer to you? Well, page 23 of our Quantum Leap Binder shows a possible value of $5,000 for a coaching program, weekend seminar, or long-term consulting. She shared my "Thank you package" along with a note ("Knowledge & personal growth is powerful and is an ongoing process. I can't wait to read my friend's book on how to create LASTING wealth:)")
  to her 3000 Facebook friends some of which trust her. What's exciting is that I didn't even ask her to! 

I invested less than $20 to say "Thank You", and I had no expectation that she'd do what she did. What if just 1% or 30 people saw her post? What if just 3 people out of those 30 entered my funnel by purchasing my book? My cost of new customer acquisition would be $6.67 (i.e. I invested $6.67 to earn $13.37 profit for my book). That's a 200% ROI just on the $20 book!

What if I'm able to convert each of those 3 new relationships into a $5000 lifetime value?

  • So I Invest $6.67 to earn $4993.33 profit for coaching program, weekend seminar, or long-term consulting.
  • That's potentially a 74,863% ROI!!!

OMG!!!! Contact me if this excites you, and if you'd like a demo of the system I use to increase the lifetime value of my customers.  "Thank You" and have a safe Labor Day Weekend!

Be Blessed,

Nate Scott – 904.838.2623

The Marketplace Luncheon presents “Life Is Rich”


TOPIC: What Is The Cash Flow Danger That Most Bankers & Brokers Don't Want You To Know About?

GUEST SPEAKER: Nate Scott: Life Is Rich, author of "Life Is Rich: How To Create Lasting Wealth"

The Marketplace is where business men and women are equipped to integrate faith and work. For more information, visit 

Please join us, next Wednesday, August 27, from 11:30-1:00, as we discuss what it means to integrate our work and faith. The cost is $21, which includes the cost of lunch, to register today click:

This month we are privileged to have as our speaker Ask Nate Scott, author of "Life Is Rich: How To Create Lasting Wealth". In this book, Nate shares a unique and valuable Biblical perspective about the financial danger that no one is talking about, and he shares practical recommendations for what everyone should do to respond to it: 

Also, Nate has a personal goal to raise 45,000 meals for at risk or overweight kids 12/31/14. There are two ways to help. Every $24 donation results in for meals or for every 10 lbs an adult loses or 10 lbs of muscle gained, 30 meals are donated to a charitable partner to benefit at risk, overweight, or obese kids. To donate $24, visit

Please don't forget to RSVP today and invite others to join us! 

JUST ANNOUNCED! Nate will be doing a drawing to give away a 5 day/ 4 night Cancun Getaway Voucher to those in attendance.


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